Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Most fires start small then grow into big fires that are difficult to put off. It is therefore very important for early detection of fires hence the need to have fire detection system. We supply and install Conventional Systems for small installations and Addressable Systems for larger installations. In critical installations, we supply and install Aspirating Detection system for Very Early Warning System. For residential houses, where wiring could be a challenge, we provide battery operated Stand-Alone Detectors that have in-built sounders.

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Safaricom Limited
  • The Nairobi Hospital
  • Hemmingways Resort, Watamu
  • Iberafrica Power EA Limited
  • Laptrust Administration Services.
  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Henkel Kenya Limited,
  • Holton International Limited,
  • Burger King, Mombasa Road
  • Monsanto Kenya Limited.
  • Mara Wajee Camp
  • Martin Wanyoike Residence
  • Michael Kiruti Residence